Boat Ramp Locations

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Belleair Causeway Boat Ramp
3900 W. Bay Dr.
Belleair Bluffs, FL 34640

Fort De Soto Park
3500 Pinellas Bayway S.
Tierra Verde, FL 33715

What is included in the trip?

snook_5A professional US Coast Guard licensed and fully insured captain, a dependable well outfitted boat, all required Florida Saltwater fishing licenses for clients on board, all required rods/reels/tackle needed for trip, live bait (if applicable), coolers and ice, plenty of ice cold Zephyrhills bottled water, A GREAT TIME!

What should I bring with me?

sheepsheadSUNGLASSES (polarized recommended but not required), SUNSCREEN (SPRAY TYPE NOT ALLOWED!), a HAT,  FOOD (NO BANANAS PLEASE!), any DRINKSdesired (besides water which we provide. Beer is ok  but liquor is NOT!), CAMERAS,  CHANGE OF CLOTHES/SHOES, Any Medications (that will be required  in a time frame shorter than trip duration). DONT FORGET YOUR SIGNED RELEASE FORMS !!

Any items NOT allowed?

tarpon1YES!! The following items are absolutely NOT allowed on board: firearms, liquor, explosives illegal drugs, spray-type sunscreens and bananas!  Any of these items will be confiscated by the captain and could result in an immediate end to the charter and return to dock with no refunds given and/or possible police/coast guard involvement (depending on offense)! We prefer strongly that you don’t, but if you absolutely have to bring your cell phone on board (wife is in labor, boss doesn’t know you are playing hooky, etc), you must surrender the cell phone to the captain, where it will be placed in a water-proof lockbox for the duration of the charter, with reasonable access to check for missed calls, texts, etc. But we urge you to leave it locked up in a secure vehicle back at the dock. This is an industry standard rule, not just me!

A note about spray-type sunscreens: These happen to be my favorite type but they are NOT ALLOWED aboard because certain chemicals in these products will do irrepairable damage to the screens on our electronic equipment! This is NO BUENO! An alternative is the gel-type, such as the one made by Bullfrog (great product!)

What is the cancellation policy?

flounderThe cancellation policy goes like this: we NEVER want to see a cancellation however, sometimes they are  absolutely necessary. If WE (Gettin’ It Wet Saltwater Fishing Charters) have to cancel a charter, whether due to weather (unsafe water conditions, high winds, etc) or other emergency, any money paid by the client(s) will be refunded in it’s entirety unless a mutually agreeable reschedule can be done, in which case the previously paid money will be applied to the newly rescheduled charter. In the case of a customer/client cancellation, if more than 72 hours notice is provided, any money paid in advance will be refunded unless a mutually agreeable reschedule is possible, in which case the previously paid funds will be applied to the newly rescheduled charter. If less than 72 hours notice is given, any money paid will be forfeited and NOT REFUNDABLE!

Is catching guaranteed?

trout_4As much as we would like to say yes to this question, we simply cannot. This is the REAL world, NOT SEAWORLD! We don’t keep fish in a barrel, so to speak. However, you can rest assured that the crew works extremely hard to put our guests “on the bite” and keep you there for the duration of the charter.

Can I keep my catch?

redfish3We are very pro-conservation, and we realize that many of our guests would like to take their catch home to the dinner table and this is completely understandable, as we also keep what we can use and release everything else. We keep a very close eye on the most current regulations as they pertain to open-seasons, size limits, bag-limits, etc. As long as your catch is considered good table fare and falls within the regulations of the above mentioned parameters, then yes, you are more than welcome to take your catch home with you when we get back to the dock. Please note, if you plan on taking your catch home, pre-plan and have a cooler and ice in your vehicle to get your catch safely to your house, hotel, or other accommodations. It really does no good to take a creature out of nature only to be wasted by unsafe handling. Size measures are discretion of captain. UNDER/OVER WILL BE RELEASED, NO questions asked!

What type of equipment will we use?

pompanoOn charter, you will be using O’HERO spinning gear (rods, reels, braid and fluorocarbon leader material), TRIDENT hooks, VMC hooks and a variety of artificial baits (if applicable) from such companies as- DOA, YO-ZURI, MIRROLURE, RAPALA, GULP!, and Z-MAN baits.  The crew uses KEY LARGO boats, YAMAHA outboards, TOYOTA trucks, HUMPBACK cast nets, LOWRANCE and WEST MARINE electronic gear, RUGGED SHARK footwear, SALT STRONG clothing and accessories, OFFSHORE ANGLER and COLUMBIA shirts and shorts w/ embroidery by BLUE WATER CHASERS.

Can I bring my own equipment?

spanmackerelABSOLUTELY! If you feel more at ease with your own trusty set-up and/or tackle preferences, then by all means bring your own! A big part of a private charter offering includes being turn-key, so to speak, so that the client(s) don’t have to bring a thing with them (other than previously mentioned). However, you are more than welcome to bring your own!

What if I can’t swim?

black-drum-bowlesWell, our plan is to keep you IN the boat, but we do have life jackets aboard. However, they are  they are big, bulky and no fun to wear. So, If you have a flotation device that you like, such as a  life jacket, please bring it along. Also be advised that unless we are fishing in the shipping channel of Tampa Bay or off the beaches in the Gulf of Mexico, we will generally be in water depths that are shallow enough that you can stand up and walk to land in! Also, the captain is a former Olympics trained swimmer and is American Red Cross trained/certified in CPR/FIRST AID/AED.